Community Information and Resource Guide

Caring for aging parents is hard work. But we're here to help! This website is sponsored by geriatric care managers, in-home care providers, and home health professionals across the country. All are dedicated to supporting seniors to stay in their homes for as long as is safely possible. Each company has its own website with a monthly e-newsletter you can subscribe to for free. Many of these websites also have an online directory of local, state and national programs.

Are you concerned about the safety of an aging parent? You are not alone. These professionals are here to help you with information, referrals and support services.


"We're here to help with information and support regarding local services and common family concerns when caring for an aging loved one."

Use this locator page to select the organization closest to you:


For those who work for a geriatric care management or home care organization...

If you are an elder care professional and would like to provide your community with an e-newsletter and educational website, please contact Elder Pages Online, a company specializing in senior-friendly webpages. We offer a brandable template system that lets people with very little computer experience quickly and efficiently create this online community resource. (For instance, an educational e-newsletter website, complete with your own logo and color scheme, can be up and running in a month.)

View a demonstration website and then contact to learn how a branded, e-newsletter and educational website can help your organization.